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Wakhi is a Pamir language spoken by the Wakhi people, of whom approximately 17,000 live in the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan (other Wakhi speakers live in Tajikistan, Pakistan, and China).

Wakhi is an ancient language with a long history of use in the Wakhan. Wakhi has a rich oral heritage with many traditional folktales, proverbs, riddles, poems, and more.

In the past decade a provisional alphabet has been developed and is being used to teach mother-tongue literacy, record the oral traditions of the Wakhi people, and create new poems and stories in Wakhi.


Academic Articles

Differential Subject Marking in Wakhi

An M.A. thesis that describes the case system of Wakhi nouns and pronouns.

Towards a New Analysis of Wakhi Clitics

A 2015 academic work that analyzes clitics in the Wakhi language.

Available for Download

Advice and Counsel

A collection of traditional Wakhi proverbs and other wise sayings, in Wakhi & Dari.

Wakhi Big Books

A series of books, each focused on a single Wakhi letter. Designed for teachers to read aloud to a class.

Wakhi Alphabet Book

This book teaches the letters of the Wakhi alphabet, providing key words for each letter.

Wakhi Keyboard

A Wakhi keyboard file for use on Windows computers.(Click on Setup.exe to install)

Wakhi Transfer Primer

This book introduces the 15 Wakhi letters which differ from the Dari alphabet. For students who already read Dari.

Wakhi Literacy Primer

Teaches Wakhi speakers without literacy skills the basics of reading Wakhi.

Download Teacher’s Guide

Preschool Primer Year 1

Part 1 of the Wakhi Literacy Primer, teaching half of the alphabet. Intended for use by young children.

Download Teacher’s Guide

Preschool Activity Book

Activities to accompany Wakhi Preschool Primer Year 1.

Preschool Primer Year 2

Part 2 of the Wakhi Literacy Primer, teaching the remaining half of the alphabet. Intended for use by young children.

Download Teacher’s Guide

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